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Automatic segment assembling systems

With an automatic segment assembling system, the series of segment assembly tasks – from the transportation of segments to the grasping, positioning, and connection of joints – are completed automatically, safely, and precisely. A semi-automatic segment assembling system automates the tasks up until the rough positioning of segments, while the precise positioning and connection of joints are undertaken manually.
  • Automatic segment assembling systems

Segment vacuum holding method

This system vacuums up and grasps segments, which are set by the supplying device on the grasping position of the erector, using the vacuum device installed in the erector’s grasping section. It continues to vacuum up the segment until its assembly is completed and the segment is released.
  • Automatic segment assembling systems

Swivel foothold device for assembly work

This foothold device swivels and slides back and forth. It is used to ensure the safety of the joint connection work, which is undertaken manually using a semi-automatic segment assembling system.
  • Automatic segment assembling systems
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