• 2023/05/10
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A variety of our machines
construct tunnel all over the world.

We have some of the highest business results in the development, commercialization, and provision of automatic segment erecting system for various shield machines so as this achieve large-scale streamlining of tunnel construction.
These shield machines include shield machines with some of the largest bore diameters in the world,
as well as composite round type shield machines.


Shield technologies
that can go through anywhere

With our technologies proven by our business results and experience
in producing 4,000 machines, we keep on developing new technology that satisfies more difficult needs.


Proudly delivery of products
to over 30 countries around the world

The tunnel boring machines of JIM TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION
, a global company,
are proudly delivered to over 30 countries around the world.


Company That Creates the Future

is a company that was founded through the merger of the tunnel excavation businesses
of IHI Corporation (IHI), JFE Engineering Corporation (JFE), and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd (MHI).
By leveraging the experience and synergy of 4,000 units of IHI, JFE, and MHI,
JIMT aims to be a leading company in the global market.