Terratec Limited

  • In October of 2018, JIM TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION (hereinafter “JIMT”), a consolidated subsidiary of IHI Corporation (hereinafter, “IHI”) acquired shares of Terratec Limited, a company in Hong Kong. This made Terratec Limited a subsidiary of JIMT and a consolidated subsidiary of IHI.
    Terratec Limited has business across the world and deals in tunnel total systems, including Tunnel Boring Machine and Backup System.
    JIMT has delivered 4,000 tunnel boring machines both inside and outside Japan, and the company is particularly strong in the area of large-bore-diameter boring machines. Therefore, the capital tie-up with Terratec Limited allows the company to supply tunnel total systems that include the Backup System. Moreover, the synergy with Terratec Limited’s knowhow of excavation operation, ability to provide after-sales services, and overseas sales network with large market shares in countries such as India, Thailand, and Turkey, further strengthen the competitive ability of the company. JIMT and Terratec aim to promptly use the synergy yielded through the capital tie-up with the aim to propel the companies into leading companies in global markets.

  • Company Introduction of Terratec

    Terratec, which was established in 1990, is a world-leading manufacturer in the design and manufacture of custom-made tunneling and mining machines, including tunnel boring machines and raise boring machines. The company has supplied tunnel boring machines across the world, which have been adopted for various uses such as for the construction of subways, highways, and underwater tunnels. The company boasts excellent business results in markets in India, Thailand, and Turkey.
    The success of Terratec is supported by its engineering team and excellent technology. The team has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of tunnel boring machines and raise boring machines, and also includes engineers who have been involved in some of the largest underground projects in the world.
    Terratec designs and manufactures products by placing importance on the strength, resistance, and stability of machines that operate under harsh underground conditions. The company provides prompt and efficient solutions to satisfy the expectations of its customers, who are primarily engineers.
    As a provider of all solutions needed for tunnel construction, Terratec provides tunneling support. For example, the company provides operation and maintenance of tunnel boring machines being used for construction, supplies the incidental equipment, and also arranges spare parts and dispatches engineers through its network of retailers across the world.
    Now, Terratec has a system that can handle expansion to global markets that require machines with high quality and reliability, to achieve prompt and efficient execution of tunnel excavation projects around the world.