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2. Exemption Clause
The utmost care is given when posting information to this Website. However, JIMT does not guarantee that the information posted to this Website is accurate or up to date. Moreover, JIMT shall bear no responsibilities whatsoever for any injuries, etc. arising from incorrect information, download of data, or falsification, etc. of data by any third party.
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Please be aware that the contents of this Website are subject to change or deletion without prior notice.
3. Prohibited Activities
The following activities are prohibited when using the website of JIMT.
(1) Activities that harm, or may have the potential to harm, the property or privacy of a third party or JIMT
(2) Activities that cause, or may cause, loss of revenue or damage to a third party or JIMT
(3) Activities that violate, or may violate, public order or morals
(4) Criminal activities or activities that are linked, or may be linked, to criminal activities
(5) Cases of false declarations or submissions, such as registering using the e-mail address of another individual
(6) Commercial activities, activities conducted for for-profit purposes, or activities for preparing to perform the aforementioned activities
(7) Activities that harm the reputation or trust in a third party or JIMT
(8) Activities that involve, or may involve, the use or provision of malicious programs, such as computer viruses
(9) Other activities that violate, or may violate, laws, ordinances, or regulations
(10) Any other activities determined to be inappropriate by JIMT
4. Links
For links posted from this Website to a third party or links to this Website on the website of a third party, JIMT does not recommend or guarantee the contents of the website of the third party in question. Also, JIMT shall bear no responsibilities whatsoever to viewers who have used the website of the third party in question.
Links must link to the homepage of the website of JIMT.
External links to the website of JIMT require no prior application if the company or individual in question agrees to the following items in these Terms OF Use.
(1) JIMT shall bear no responsibilities whatsoever for damages arising from any links to the website of JIMT.
(2) Information and URLs posted on the website of JIMT, in principle, are subject to change without notice.
(3) JIMT firmly rejects any links that may harm the rights of JIMT or that may hinder business operations.
(4) The Company firmly rejects any links from websites that contain the following content.
- Content that violates public order or morals
- Illegal content
- Content that defames JIMT
(5) Links to the website of JIMT do not indicate any sort of relationship of any rights or obligations between JIMT and the other party in question.
5. Copyrights
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7. Intellectual Property Rights
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8. Applicable Laws and Competent Justification
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